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Staff Development and Consulting

Moving forward: personally and professionally

We believe the success of a company is greatly related to the success of the individuals who make up the team.

We were honored to receive this recent testimonial: “Focusing on results is vital in every business, however in today’s business environment it is all too easy to forget that results are achieved with proper training. Jennifer Bowling has been a tremendous asset to our company by customizing and then conducting core training sessions for our associates. It is Jennifer’s ability to deliver engaging training session that has helped our associates be knowledgeable about our business, work safely and continue to grow in their individual job performance.”

The motives a client has for offering employee training vary, from new-hire introductory training to providing education and tools to ensure the work environment is free of harassment and hostility. Well-developed training programs ultimately get the team to engage and improves performance across the organization.

We are here to support our clients in the development of structured training by following a comprehensive and consistent program, custom fit to the organization’s needs.

Formal New Hire Training is important to ensure new employees are started right, as well as that the legalities of employment are handled appropriately. Ongoing varied Continuing Education, through bulletins, inter-departmental training and classroom style training initiatives provide an opportunity for employees to stay up to date on policies, procedures and operational changes. Continuing Education is critical for personal and professional development of employees. When time and resources are invested in employees, organizations experience growth in talent, improved performance and greater employee engagement.

Topics and Resources include, but are not limited to:

Employee Handbooks – Development and Teaching
• Performance Expectations
• Safety Training
• Human Resource Consulting
Anti-Harassment Training – General and Industry Specific
Preventing Workplace Violence/Bullying
Diversity and Inclusion
• Transitioning from Co-Worker to Supervisor
• Professional Presentation
• Effective Decision Making
• Productive Communication: Day to Day and Confrontational
• Overcoming Office Politics
• Identifying and Working with the Core Personality Types
• Customer Service Standards
• Modern Day Business Etiquette: Verbal, Electronic and Social Media Communications

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