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  • Staff training – updated for 2020 to include cutting-edge topics.

  • Effective leadership development drives better bottom-line results.

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To stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast-paced business world, organizations must perform and present their very best in each experience.

How can you make sure your company runs consistently at peak performance?

Let Perfectly Planned help you create positive and exciting improvements in businesses and organizations. Our services offered are wide-ranging, and always tailored just for you:

    • Engaging and innovative training services that strategically align with the organizational goals;
    • Small business consulting – we show small, new and start-up organizations how to navigate this challenging and ever-changing business world;
    • Project management, design, and renovation services for offices, buildings and your first or second home; and
    • Personal services for overwhelmed professionals in need of structure and support in their busy lives.

Perfectly Planned provides these services – and many more – to create organizations that are more efficient, effective, harmonious, and PROFITABLE.

Need a project manager to oversee a remodel of your second home, so you can just step into the beautiful, finished project? No time to deal with contractors or subcontractors, and sometimes, not enough time to pick up the dry cleaning!

We will work with you to tailor our services specifically to your personal and professional goals. We offer levels of service from starter opportunities to fully comprehensive, managed services that handle everything from start to finish. We know that sustainable improvement is not an event but a process – we want to partner with you on the journey!

Choose one of the three boxes below to learn more about our specific offerings. Pressed for time? Call Jennifer Bowling today, (304) 673-1050.


Updated for 2020, staff training now being offered in COVID-19 Safety, Harassment Strategies, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Workplace Violence, Diversity and Inclusion Trainings. Click the staff development link below.